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Through our business partners, CBC can offer the following and become your “one stop shop” for all Commercial Insurance needs.

Credit Insurance UK Domestic/Export

We can arrange delivery of Credit Insurance policies to all sectors. This includes the ability to cover every available market in the UK offering whole turnover, Export & Global, single buyer, Excess of Loss/Catastrophe, Top Account and self-underwriting protection.

Surety & Bonds

Bonds are increasingly required by buyers to protect their contractual position or by Govt. /EU agencies to ensure contractual performance. Our route gives an alternative to tying up capital as collateral with your bank by arranging bonds covering Performance, Construction, Customs Duty & Excise, advance payment, deferred consideration, RPA and rent/tenant default

Political Risks

This will cover you against Government intervention, moratorium, war or misappropriation which can prevent you getting paid by your overseas customer.